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Project ARMSE
Amateur Radio Meteor Scatter Experiment

Objective: To design, install, operate and maintain a network of low power beacons located on continental US, operating continuously on 50 MHz amateur radio band. The purpose of the transmitters is to provide continuous carriers useful for meteor scatter measurements and experiments.

Beacon Test: One single 100 W transmitter operated on August 6 & 7, 2016 from Athens, Alabama.

Date and time: Friday 08/12/2016 1900-2200 EDT

Beacon's call sign: KS0S

Carrier: 60% CW Duty Cycle: 2 mins Carrier w/ID, 1 min OFF

Equipment: ICOM IC-706MkII @ 100 Watts

Frequency: 50.070 MHz

Antenna location: 34.8062E, 86.9648W


  • Comet DS-150S Discone Antenna;
  • 3-element beam;
  • Half-wave dipole;
  • Alternating antennas and direction of beam and dipole between NE and W. 30 Ft. Above Ground; Fed with 50 Ft RG-8X Low Loss Foam Core Coax

During the experiement,'s antenna will be oriented to Athens, Alabama.
Distance: approx. 593 miles (955 km)

Please report your observations, screenshots, audio files at:


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