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Active Meteor Showers

As of 25-Nov-2020


Parent Body: 55P/Tempel
Radiant Constellation: Leo
Radiant RA: 10h 08m
Radiant Dec: +22°
Start Date: 11/6
Peak Date: 11/17
End Date: 11/30
Meteor Velocity: 71 km/s
Hourly Rate: 15
The Leonids, which peak during mid-November each year, are considered to be a major shower though meteor rates are often as low as about 15 meteors per hour. The meteors are bright meteors and can also be colorful. They are also fast: Leonids travel at speeds of 44 miles (71 kilometers) per second, and are considered to be some of the fastest meteors. Outbursts of meteor activity are best seen when the parent object, comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, is near perihelion (closest approach to the sun).

Northern Taurids

Parent Body: Comet 2P/Encke
Radiant Constellation: Taurus
Radiant RA: 4h
Radiant Dec: +22°
Start Date: 10/20
Peak Date: 11/12
End Date: 12/10
Meteor Velocity: 29 km/s
Hourly Rate: 5
The Taurids are an annual meteor shower associated with the comet Encke. The meteors are very spread out and diffuse. The Taurids are extremely long-lasting, but usually don't offer more than about 7 meteors per hour. That is true even on the North Taurids' peak night.