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Active Meteor Showers

As of 15-Jul-2024

Alpha Capricornids

Parent Body: 169P/NEAT
Radiant Constellation: Capricornus
Radiant RA: 20h 28m
Radiant Dec: -10.2°
Start Date: 07/15
Peak Date: 07/29
End Date: 08/10
Meteor Velocity: 24 km/s
Hourly Rate: 5
Alpha Capricornids is a meteor shower discovered by Hungarian astronomer Miklos von Konkoly-Thege in 1871. This shower has infrequent but relatively bright meteors, with some fireballs. Parent body is comet 169P/NEAT (2002 EX12). This shower is not very strong and rarely produces in excess of five shower members per hour.